Realism Fine Art

For my first blog I am going to talk about realism paintings. I love realism art more than I love any other type of art. I love the way the artist can make paintings of objects that look like they are really sitting there. It doesn’t even look like a painting it looks like a picture that was taken. I found a painting that really stood out to me. It has some beautiful colors and some very interesting details. The objects have just the right texture type look on them when you look at them and then look at the objects in real life.

That is the link to the painting and you can also look at some of the other beautiful realism paintings on the website.

I like the painting because of the plums and cherries. The bright red and shiny coat really popped out in the painting and really caught my eye when I was looking at the images. I like the texture of the sheet in the background and the way the wine look like it’s really sitting in the wine glass. It looks like the objects are sitting on top of a glass table because you can see the shadow through the glass.



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