Every since I learned about typography I thought it was awesome because some of the cool things that you can do with it. I was browsing typography and ran across some pretty cool images. These images are very inspirational to people that design and like to do things with text. It gives you ideas for projects or even for fun. I love the designs especially the superman, hulk, and Bruce Lee ones. However, all of the designs are great and unique in their own way. The designers put a lot of hard work, dedication, skill, and creativity into these designs. All the designs have all kinds of fonts that are in all kinds of different shapes, forms, and sizes.


Below is the link to the website:

20+ Beautiful Typography Poster



Typography is the new way to organize your websites, blogs, etc. It highlights certain areas of the page


Typography Mania is a great blog to go to for some awesome typography images and videos. They update the blog weekly and you are even able to update some typography of your own.


Below is the link to the blog:



This website shows some amazing typography images. They made a burger, fries, and wrap from Burger King out of text. I believe these are the best typography images I’ve ever seen.


Below is the link to the website:



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