3D Typography Designs


Once again I am doing another blog on typography. These designs really caught my attention due to the fact that they pop out, literally. These designs have really inspired in a way to try and do some typography like this. It looks easy, but I know its most likely difficult to do an it accumulates lots of time. They artists that created these 3D designs have a very creative mind. I absolutely love all of the details in the designs. I believe that everyone should check this website out and look at these wonderful pieces of artwork.

Below is the link to the website:


I also found a tutorial on YouTube that shows you how to make 3D gold typography. It takes you step by step on how to do the whole thing. The design is simple, but the message is very inspirational. It also has some very good details and effects in the design. I thought this was a pretty cool tutorial and I hope everyone else think it is too.

Below is the link to the tutorial:


Another website that I found which is basically another tutorial. You just scroll down the page and it tells you step by step on how to do the design. I found this design interesting because it has that dark type affect to it. It has that gloomy type of look to it also. I think you all should check out the design and you will also find this design inspirational.

Below is the link to the website:




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