Alexis Marcou Designs

This website that I found has different blogs on them. I found this particular one that I found very interesting. Alexis Marcou drew these images using graphite pencils. The images look so realistic and they are very unique. I love the ones with the little color in them, which little touch of color really makes them stand out. The shading and line techniques is amazing. He has every little detail in every image, which is the reason why these images are so awesome. These are just a couple of his drawings.


Below is the link to the website:


He also has his own website where you can look at more of his drawings and even buy them. Surprisingly, you can purchase the drawings for cheap. Alexis even have different merchandise with his drawings on it like iPod, iPad, and iPhone cases. It’s lots of other merchandise you can purchase. I think everyone should check this website out. He has worked with lots of clients such as HP, Nike, Cisco, and many more.


Below is the link to his website:


Alexis also has a blog where you can follow him and his artwork. It shows you his projects that he done and it shows you the projects that he’s in the process of working on. He shows you his step-by-step process and tells you when to expect the project to be done.


Below is the link to his blog:


I can honestly say that I am a true fan as of now. I’ve never seen a artist as talented as this one.



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